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Where can you go to make direct contact with God––in the coziness of your own home?

The only place we know is––Virtual Home Church––the Internet church at home that’s the next best thing to being there.

Growing up Christian, Wolfgang Simson says that he and many of his friends and colleagues "dreamed of a community... as simple as one-two-three... dynamic, explosive and able to turn a neighborhood and world upside down... a church that wouldn’t need huge amounts of money, or rhetoric, or control, or manipulation. A church that was nonreligious at heart, thrilled people to the core, and made them loose their tongues out of sheer joy and astonishment. A church that would simply teach us The Way to live... that not only had a message, but was the message." ––The House Church Book, p. xi.


Under the Old Covenant, a handful of divinely appointed people led out during worship. The congregation relied on priests, Levites, and choristers to bring them indirectly into an experience with God. Under the New Covenant, however, every believer is his or her own priest. Christ authorizes worshipers to approach God directly, without relying on anyone other than Him. True worship then, makes it possible for every Christian to worship God––without platform people. Outdated Old Covenant worship easily slips into entertainment ––from adoration for God to appreciation for the performance of worship leaders. Many of today’s churches continue to practice the symbolic rites of the Old Covenant and have yet to experience the New Covenant ideal.


Join us Saturdays at 1 p.m., PST, for the worship Wolfgang Simson dreamed about. Our New Covenant format loosens tongues out of sheer joy and astonishment. The psalmist invited ancient Israelites to enter God’s gates with gratitude and His courts with praise. Only the priests could approach any closer to God. Christians, on the other hand, may walk the length of the sanctuary, right into the presence of God––every week with us. Recalling our walk with God throughout the week, we all pause voluntarily to thank and praise God individually for what he’s done. Then we relive our journey to the cross and celebrate the reasons he has given us to finish the trip to the Kingdom. Worship songs and testimonies pop up all through the service. And instead of empty, like so many, who attend Old Covenant services––everyone leaves satisfied and full.


Three trends have developed among Christians over the last decade.

  1. They want biblical rather than traditional Christianity.
  2. They prefer a relationship with Christ to religion.
  3. They favor intimacy over crowds.

So, people today are looking for a cozy place to meet that promotes fellowship with God over programs, where they can study God’s Word. To take advantage of these developments, we have come up with a family model for ministry called, The Apostolic Home. Derived from the Book of Acts, we built it on the biblical premise––a man’s home is Christ’s castle. Homes based on this model are a fortress for the family, an outpost for the church, and a citadel for the community. They make ideal home fellowships as they train to be a house church of tomorrow. Virtual Home Church offers you and those who meet in your house an opportunity to worship God, together, as priests with all privileges Christ has won for them.

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[Had we been] worshiping in this manner (Virtual Home Church), [we] certainly would [have finished] our work on this earth and the Lord would have come already!

–– Simone (Florida)

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