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In the Old Testament, the church separated itself into professionals and laypeople.

God’s people relied on a handful of paid priests and Levites to conduct the official ministry of the church, while the rank and file did its best to live by the rules, regulations and rituals enforced by the professionals.

Then Jesus came along and changed all that.

That’s why Paul envisions the church as a body in which every member, getting instructions directly from Christ, its Head, does his or her part to hold things together and grow (Ephesians 4:11-16).

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New Covenant Church

A fellowship that honors the priesthood of all believers and encourages everyone to interact directly with God, wherever they are, whatever they do, under God’s direct supervision

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The Early Church

The early church met in homes as well as the Jerusalem Temple. Despite the crucifixion of their leader, Christian families openly practiced their faith at home, gaining the goodwill of everyone around them so God could add to the church daily those who were being saved (Acts 2:47).

Christians visited the Temple daily, but did not offer sacrifices for sins––since Christ had already done that for them. So, why did they frequent the Temple? According to Hebrews 10:24-25, families congregate to stimulate one another to love and good works, and to encourage one another in view of Christ’s return. Jesus taught a series of parables on this subject, to prepare the disciples––both for His departure, and His return. The writer of Hebrews understood the need for motivation to live a Christ-like life and encouragement to stay faithful as Christians prepare for Christ’s return. While families operate out of their homes, gaining the approval of their neighbors to lead them to Christ, they also need to congregate––to keep their spirits up as they count down the days to the second coming. In those days they congregated daily at the Temple and in their homes.

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The Church Today

Today, Christians may meet once a week for worship, plus one evening at prayer meeting. Some attend small group meetings outside their homes, and a few host Bible Fellowships in their homes. Concentrating their efforts through a central church, most members practice a modest level of Christianity at home. As a result, personal responsibility has given way to corporate identity and activity; once a week Christianity has replaced the daily witness to Christ instituted by the apostles.

In addition to the spotty, disconnected testimony of Christian families, the church has also rejected Christ’s vision and returned to the Old Covenant ways of Israel. Instead of everyone serving as priests under the High Priest, Jesus Christ, the priesthood has split itself again into clergy and laity. The laity divides itself into officers and the rest––mostly along lines of perceived spirituality that end up serving the egos of power brokers. As a result of these artificial divisions, approximately 20% of a congregation does 80% of its work and supplies 80% of its’ funding. Pew potatoes abound.

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The Church of Tomorrow

The Virtual Home Church is a humble attempt to recapture the early church of the apostles. As the church at Pentecost embraced people from all over the then known world, so Virtual Home Church invites people from all over the world to worship, study, and start each day with us at Christ’s feet.

The apostles, who have no counterpart today, encouraged Christian families to openly practice their faith in and through their homes. Their apostolic homes became fortresses to protect their families from corruption by the world, outposts for outreach, and citadels––the last defense for the community against the world’s decay. Many people mistake the house churches in the Bible for small groups; but they are not. The “churches” mentioned in the New Testament are believer-families congregating for motivation and encouragement as they prepare for Christ’s return. Just as apostolic homes came together then, apostolic homes should also cluster together today.

So, instead of small groups of believers––usually other members of the church–– we urge Christians to turn their apostolic homes into Home Bible Fellowships, to share their Christianity with neighbors and others in the community. Then, meetings will revolve around fellowship with Christ and each other rather than doctrine, rules, and scrutiny. As they prepare for Christ’s return, Home Bible Fellowships train to become the house churches of tomorrow. By then, authorities will have closed institutional doors and forced believers to finish God’swork out of their homes.

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The Virtual Home Church

Instead of waiting for this to happen, we:

Come share the adventure with us. Let’s serve out our New Testament priesthood together, as we prepare to take an end time stand for Jesus, tomorrow. Click on the links above to visit our websites, or phone Jolynn at 775-473-6814 for more information.

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