New Covenant Worship for New Testament people
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Solomon's Temple

In the Old Testament,

a handful of priests,

Levites, and

choristers led the

congregation in


In Jesus’ day, worshipers attended from outer courts for the men, women, and gentiles.

To get everyone involved in New Covenant worship, we borrowed the format suggested by Psalm 95. Now, the gate no longer bars anyone from entering the court of the priests, the holy or most holy places. Instead of a handful mounting the platform, all worshipers get to approach the Lord, personally, all the way to the throne of grace!

New Covenant Worship

Worship that honors the priesthood of all believers and encourages everyone to interact directly with God throughout the service, under God’s obvious control

A. Start with a brief song and prayer that encourages testimony

B. Time of Testimony and Praise

  1. Review the week for what God has done for you, your family, or friends. Be very specific.
    For example: any––close calls; unexpected blessings; opportunities to witness; divine math; peace that passes understanding; joy (happiness in spite of the world); forgiveness toward or from others? victory over temptations or sins; God’s mind over your matter (Bible made a difference in real life); healing? dramatic turnarounds?
  2. Review the Bible for Psalms and check the hymnal for Scripture songs that echo the theme of the people’s testimonies and fall into the following categories:
    For example: God’s triumphs––at Creation (over the nothingness, things turning out right, etc.); on behalf of His people (walls of Jericho, Gideon and the 300, David’s victory over Goliath, etc.); over death (widow of Zarephath’s son, Elijah, Lazarus, the resurrection, etc.); over nature (parted Red Sea, made the sun stand still, Jesus calming the Sea, etc.); over human nature (harden Pharaoh’s heart, caused Pharaoh to promote Joseph, repentance, etc.)

C. Expressions of Respect that lead people to make the journey to the Cross

  1. Check Genesis to the Gospels for texts that use today’s theme to point to the cross
  2. Pray or read from scripture about such things as:

    The Creator turning Redeemer (for example, Gen. 3:15); the Sanctuary; prophecies about: salvation, the Messiah (God’s Anointed/Chosen King and Shepherd), the Savior, restoration, the Kingdom

D. Appeals for Loyalty that inspire people to make the journey from the cross to the Kingdom

  1. Check Acts to Revelation for exhortations, admonitions, and blessings that use today’s theme to point to the Kingdom
  2. 2. Study, act out, or explain from scripture such things as:

    Stories of the Re-Creator, the Redeemer, the good Shepherd, the High-Priest Jesus and the priesthood of all believers, the second coming, the King and the Kingdom, the new heavens and the new earth

E. End on a note of hope with prayer and a closing song

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