Orthodox Calendar - All Saints

Mar 16, 2023

The Significance of the Orthodox Calendar

The Orthodox Calendar holds a significant place in the lives of believers within the Virtual Home Church community. It serves as a guide, providing a framework for the liturgical year and helping followers align their lives with the teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Christian faith.

All Saints: Celebrating the Holy Ones

One of the most cherished celebrations within the Orthodox Calendar is that of All Saints. This special day commemorates all the saints, known and unknown, who have attained righteousness and now dwell in the presence of God. It is a time to honor these holy ones, seeking their intercession and drawing inspiration from their lives.

Understanding All Saints

All Saints, also known as All Saints' Day, is celebrated on the first Sunday after Pentecost. It serves as a collective remembrance of all the faithful who have lived exemplary lives of faith and have been officially recognized as saints by the Church, as well as those unknown individuals who have strived for sanctity.

The Commemoration of Martyrs and Saints

The observance of All Saints is an opportunity to remember the martyrs who have bravely given their lives for the Christian faith. Their sacrifice bears witness to the enduring power of belief and serves as an inspiration for believers worldwide.

In addition to the recognized saints and martyrs, All Saints also honors the countless faithful who have pursued a life of virtue, serving as beacons of light and inspiration for others. It is a moment to reflect on their achievements and seek their guidance as we navigate our own spiritual journeys.

Observing All Saints: Traditions and Practices

On the feast of All Saints, the Virtual Home Church community gathers in prayer and worship, giving thanks for the God-given examples of holiness. The following are some common practices associated with this celebration:

Liturgy and Divine Services

The day begins with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, where believers partake in the Eucharist and offer prayers for the saints. The liturgical hymns and scripture readings highlight the significance of the saints' lives and their continued presence in the Church.

Veneration of Icons

Icons play a central role in Orthodox worship, and All Saints provides an opportunity for believers to venerate the icons of the saints. The faithful offer prayers, light candles, and express their devotion by kissing the icons. This act of veneration symbolizes the believers' desire to emulate the virtues of the saints portrayed in the icons.

Solemn Processions

In some Orthodox communities, solemn processions are held on All Saints' Day. These processions involve clergy and the faithful, who carry icons and banners while singing hymns of praise and thanksgiving. The procession represents the unity of the Church throughout time, connecting present-day believers with their predecessors in the faith.

The Power of All Saints

All Saints serves as a profound reminder of the potential for holiness within each individual. It encourages believers to strive for righteousness and follow the path laid out by the saints who have gone before them. The saints exemplify a life of faith, dedication, and love for God, inspiring others to pursue a similar calling.

Intercession and Inspiration

Believers often turn to the saints for guidance and intercession. All Saints' Day provides a unique opportunity to deepen these connections, seeking the prayers of the saints as intermediaries before God. This divine assistance serves as a source of strength and encouragement in the journey of faith.

Inspiring Everyday Lives

The celebration of All Saints reminds believers that holiness is not reserved for a select few. Rather, it is a calling for all individuals, regardless of age, occupation, or circumstance. The saints' stories inspire believers to live lives of authenticity and purpose, demonstrating that true fulfillment lies in seeking God's will and living according to His teachings.


Within the Virtual Home Church community, the Orthodox Calendar holds great significance, guiding believers and providing them with a rich framework for their faith. All Saints stands out as a momentous celebration, honoring the saints and martyrs, while also emphasizing the potential for holiness within every individual. By observing All Saints, believers draw inspiration from the lives of the holy ones who have gone before them and deepen their connection to the larger community of faith.

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